Replacement Ironing Board Covers

Our wide selection of replacement ironing board covers feature bungee drawstring binding. Available in multiple colors and sizes.

Bungee Binding

54″ Length

  • Khaki (CEFB11)
  • Blue (CEFB02)
  • Charcoal (CEFB21)
  • Light Khaki (CEFB01)

48″ Length

  • Khaki (48CEFB11)
  • Blue (48CEFB02)
  • Charcoal (48CEFB21)

36″ Length 

  • TCEFB02 (Blue)

Bungee Binding Features

Ensures a tight fit and smooth ironing experience.

Industry standard 54″L x 14″ surface.

Will not slide off ironing board.

Special coating helps prevent scorches.

Available in multiple sizes 54″, 48″, & 36″.

Drawstring Binding

54″ Length

  • Khaki (CDSF11)
  • Blue (CDSF02)
  • Light Khaki (CDSFNAT)

Drawstring Binding Features

Drawstring and stop lock closure ensures a tight fit.

Like the bungee cover, this is coated with a protective scorch resistant coating

Pad and cover are sewn together into one piece. 

Available in multiple colors to match any room décor. 


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