Amenity Bags

Organize guest room items with our amenity bags.

Hair Dryer Bags

  • HDBAG (Black/Red Embroidery
  • HDBAGWH (White/Navy Embroidery)
  • FRHDBAGWEM (Fire Retardant-Black/White Embroidery)
  • HDBAGBG (Beige/ Brown Embroidery)
  • HDBAGGR (Gray/Gray Embroidery)
  • HDTOTE (Tote Bag: Gray/Gray Embroidery)
  • HDBAGGR00 (Gray/Blank)
  • HDBAGBLANK (Black/Blank)

Amenity Bags

  • HLDBAG (Laundry Bag- Black/Red Embroidery)
  • HSHBAG (Shoe Bag- Black/Red Embroidery)
  • HSLPBAG (Slipper Bag- Black/Red Embroidery)
  • HSNBDN (Daily Newspaper Bag- “Daily News” Screen-print)
  • HSNB (Newspaper Bag- Blank)
  • NWTOT01 (Tote Bag)

Features- Hair Dryer Bags

Easily fits most standard size hair dryers.

Ensures contents are secure. 

“Hair Dryer” embroidery.

Poly/Cotton blend for comfort and durability. 

Available in multiple bag and embroidery colors. Custom available upon request.


Amenity Bag Literature Sheets