Housekeeping Cart Bags

Heavy duty replacement bags for housekeeping carts.

Loop and Snap

  • HCBLS30BR (30″ Brown)
  • HCBLS36BR (36″ Brown)

Fold Over

  • HCBFO30BR (30″ Brown)
  • HCFO36BR (36″ Brown)

Grommets (Fits most Rubbermaid ® Carts)

  • RHCBG33BR (33″ Brown)
  • RHCBG36BR (36″ Brown)

PVC with Grommets

  • PVCLB (Black)


All bags are constructed using heavy duty materials, including straps and grommets.

To fit most housekeeping carts in the market.

Multiple, large capacity sizes to meet any need.

Our PVC bags are constructed to control moisture. 


Housekeeping Cart Bags Literature Sheets

PVCLB Bag Literature Sheet