Nesting Trolley Cart

Our Nesting Trolley Cart is perfect for Airports, Condos, Waterparks, & Convention Centers. *MOQ of 2 (Cart Ships 2 per Crate)*

• BCSTC (Nestable Trolley Cart Aluminum)


Heavy duty construction allows for this nesting cart to stand up to high traffic properties, giving guest a great user experience. 

The locking hand break feature on these nesting trolley carts is unmatched and an added security feature for any property. 

Our nesting trolley cart is available for any properties custom logo, offering a unique branding opportunity that is unmatched. 

This nestable trolley cart features a heavy duty wheel system that utilizes high quality, durable rubber wheels. Giving guests a smooth and quite rolling experience through the property. 


Nesting Trolley Cart Literature Sheet