Bellman's Cart Bumper & Wall Guard

Our Bellman’s Cart Bumper & Wall Guard is the perfect soltuion for any property. This product protects Bellman’s Carts from damaging hotel walls, doorways, elevators, etc. Keeping both your property and Bellman’s Carts looking new.

• BCBG-STD (42″L x 24″W x 3″H – Standard)

• BCBG-EST (48″L x 28″W x 3″H – Full Size)


The bellman’s cart bumper & wall guard protects both property walls & bellman’s carts. Helping extend the life of your bellman’s carts. 

Our bellman’s cart bumper & wall protector is easy to place on your bellman’s cart deck. 

With two sizes for our bellman’s cart bumper & wall guard, all of our bellman’s carts in our catalog can utilize the bumper guard. Helping extending the life of the bellman’s cart. 


Bellman’s Cart Bumper & Wall Guard Literature Sheet