Boardwalk Bellman's Cart

This series conveys elegance and luxury for higher end properties.

  • TBOARDWALK (Titanium Gold)
  • TBOARDWALK-2A (Brushed Stainless Steel)


Durable 2″ steel tubing ensures stability and durability.

Easily hang garments and bags.

No assembly required with this cart. Simply uncrate and the cart is ready to use!

Customize with your logo on the top finial. 

Pneumatic Wheels for Bellman's Carts Replacement Bellman's Cart Wheels Pneumatic

Pneumatic Black Powder Coat Bellman's Cart Wheels Pneumatic Powder Coat Black

Semi-Pneumatic Bellman's Cart Wheels Semi-Pneumatic

Semi-Pneumatic Locking Bellman's Cart Wheels Semi-Pneumatic Locking 


Boardwalk Literature Sheets

Bellman’s Cart Buying Guide