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Housekeeping On-Demand: 3 Selling Tips To Help You Prepare For a New Service Model

As we all know, COVID-19 had a substantial impact on the hospitality industry causing many hotel brands to change their internal systems and adapt to a new normal.

One such change is the frequency of housekeeping services. While this temporary change was adopted by many brands in 2020, it could be here to stay for 2021 and beyond.

Have you shifted your sales pitch for the new way of housekeeping?

What is Housekeeping On-Demand?

Housekeeping On-Demand refers to a new service model in which guest rooms are cleaned based upon the request of the guest. Instead of assuming they want their rooms cleaned daily during their stay, hotels are asking guests to request cleaning services as they need it.

Hilton became the first major hotel chain to offer housekeeping services on an “as needed” or “upon request” basis. 

On their website, Hilton says “For your comfort, we want your stay to be as undisturbed as possible. Guests are invited to tailor their housekeeping services to their comfort level. To schedule, simply call the front desk.”

Flexibility is vital during change. Here are 3 tips to help you prepare for this new opt-in model of housekeeping.

Tip 1: Your contact may have changed: Identify the current contact

Labor shortages have been a major driving factor in decisions to update protocols across nationwide brands.

March and April of 2020 saw roughly 8.5 million jobs lost within the U.S. leisure and hospitality industry, according to Tourism Economics.

What does this mean for the sales professional? You may want to make sure your contact list is up to date. Your regular go-to housekeeping purchasing manager could be included in the above statistic.

For small hotels, staff cutbacks can also require employees to take on more responsibilities by wearing multiple hats, forcing them to focus on more than just housekeeping.

If you have not reached out to your contact list in a while, now would be a great time to ensure you do not lose out on sales opportunities.

Tip 2: Focus on products related to efficiency

Cleaning efficiency has always been a metric of success within any housekeeping department. With hotels adopting this new opt-in housekeeping model, efficiency is more critical than ever.

Department managers are keen on improving their efficiency, so being able to offer time saving solutions is critical.

At Hospitality 1 Source, we have turned our focus to product innovation. We have several products within our line that boost cleaning efficiency including our new Deluxe Xpress Cart. Top selling features for this item include:

  • Compact Design: Cart easily fits into guest room, allowing housekeepers to keep supplies within an arm’s reach.
  • Dual Storage Sections: Cart accommodates clean linens and towels while offering a separate section for dirty laundry for a quick turndown service.
  • Extra Large Storage Pockets: Easily transport guest room essentials like soaps, lotions, snacks and more without having to go back and access the storage closet.
  • Additional Top Storage and Hanging Hooks: For quick access to cleaning supplies and toiletries.

Additional housekeeping items like replacement cart bags help carts looking fresh and Pressto Valet’s Hinge Buddy further improves turndown efficiencies.

Our website is packed full of sales resources. Arm yourself with the knowledge you need with our helpful sales tools and lead with these products on your next sales call.

Would you like to try a sample out for yourself? Contact us and we will let you know what options are available to you.

Tip 3: Understand which brands have switched to housekeeping on-demand

Like Hilton, there have been other nationally recognized brands that have adopted housekeeping by request.

According to USA today, the following brands have incorporated on-demand housekeeping services in different ways:

  • Hilton
  • Marriott International Inc.
  • Wyndham Hotels & Resorts Inc.
  • Extended Stay America

If you call on any of these national hotel brands, familiarize yourself with their specific protocols so you can be prepared to offer them specific product solutions.

We use our mission and vision toward a singular result: Customer Success. If there is anything we can do to help you position yourself as the selling expert for our line of products, please let us know. We are always here to help!

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